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Differentia inter Cable Connector et Fabrica Connector

Discrimen inter iungo et fabricaiungo

ipsae rudentes inutiles sunt nisi cum iungente vel specialiori coaxiali terminanturiungo. A coaxial iungo allows one cable to be connected to another cable or a device. Therefore, there are two different types of iungos: those connected to the cable and those connected to the device. The device iungoquattuor foraminis LABIUM habet.

1. cable centralizediungo

In a cable, the iungo is mechanically tightly connected to the end of the cable. Once the iungofune iungitur, fit fune contio. RF fabrum ergo singulas partes iuxta necessitates suas coniungunt. Cum pauci funeri conventus exiguntur, faciliores sunt et citius per se convocandi; sed, ubi multum opus est funeri conventus, melius est funes conventus emere.

2. Connector

Finis uniuscuiusqueiungo is the same, with minimum insertion loss. Although the insertion loss of the iungo is very small compared with the cable, the iungo does have an insertion loss, and there are many different types of iungos. Almost all iungo families have iungos suitable for cables and devices. As a general rule, the iungos of one group will not match the iungos of another group.
Because some iungos are large in physical size, while others are small. If an inexpensive cable assembly is needed, then choose a small diameter cable, which limits the choice of iungos to the small iungo family available. If the cable needs to carry high-power radio frequency signals, a large-diameter cable is required, so a large connector desideratur.

The second reason is evolution. As the times change, iungo manufacturers often improve the connection according to actual needs, or reduce the insertion loss, or facilitate the use of the connection. Significant changes are made to an existing iungo type each time.

3. nibh

Propter haec aliaiungofamilias, phaenomenon interesting emersit. RF fabrum rudentem cum uno coniungere cogunturiungo to another cable or device with a different iungo family. This cannot be done. The adapter is that they are in step. Adapters, also called coaxial adapters, are short bilateral iungos. On one side is one type of iungo, and once is another type of iungo.